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Our smoocher boy Fitz 20/09/2018 – 14/03/2020

Climbing guru and play extraordinaire, Fitz is the name, kitty fun is the game.

Named for the famous climbing traverse, I like to think of my fur-tastic long legs as tools; there is no height they can’t conquer! Where other kitties might stumble or lack coordination, I’m as sure-footed as can be. A quiet achiever, I don’t hog the spotlight, preferring let others enjoy their chance to shine.

Handsome in black and white, I’m a social butterfly! I love people who give me a good pet and scratch, and feline friends make fantastic playmates! When I’m not practising my climbing skills or playing games, I’m the very definition of chilled out. I love to relax, taking in the fun around me and watching the world go by.