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About Us

Cat Whispurr About Us

Welcome to an extension of me with regard to my love for cats (& dogs too).

I started with this venture 17 months ago and am so excited to be opening the second cat café in Perth, Fremantle.

I’d like to thank Freo Massive for welcoming us and for the continued growing support we are receiving within the community and surrounding areas.

I’d like to thank our family and friends for their support (and patience) and all those involved in rescue that have come on board with us and are as excited as we are.

This venture all started with a cat (Black Magic, aka Feodor) that I rescued in Bali and am forever grateful for Elizabeth Henzell (Owner of Villa Kitty, Ubud) for taking him on, looking after and loving him till he found his forever home. My inspiration to open this café was from a cat café near Seminyak, Bali, The Odd Cat Café, which opened my eyes and my introduction to rescue and how fulfilling and necessary it is. What an eye opener!!.

A question that is often asked, who are the Owners of Cat Whispurr… any cat lover will tell you, the Cats are!! I’m only their slave responsible for paying the rent and bills.

We have chosen 18 beautiful cats/kittens to become our resident cats. 15 of these are rescue cats/kittens from WA Pet Project (WAPP). Their stories are on the “Our Residents” tab of this website. Our resident cats have been selected  (or have they selected us??) for their various people skills and personalities. They desperately love people and love receiving attention. They range from mischievous frisky kittens, to real comfortable smoochers.

I welcome you to our Café (the recipe, good coffee with pawsome cats, you can’t go wrong) and hope you have the most wonderful experience ever!!

In debt to all who helped bring my dream and vision to life … Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jacqueline Montesi (nee Cornish)

How Cat Whispurr Cat Cafe works

When you come to our Cat Café, please DO NOT bring your own cat or a cat. Our Café has a family of resident cats which live at the Cat Café and are carefully chosen for their friendly social behaviour and have been fully Vet checked. It is our family of resident cats that you are welcome to make a booking to spend quality time with.

If you just want to sit and watch the cats, you can do this from several parts of the Café, whilst you enjoy a wonderful coffee or some of our great range of drinks and healthy food.  All our cats are rescued cats from WA Pet Project (WAPP) whom Cat Whispurr have partnered with. All the cats are up to date with their vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, microchipped and are all sterilised. Our resident cats are in top health and are checked on a daily basis and extremely well cared for.

Our Cat Co-Ordinator is responsible for their health and wellbeing and works closely with our associated vet, Dr Liam and Dr Kristian and their wonderful caring staff at Vet Connection, East Fremantle. We strongly recommend that you make a booking to spend time with the cats to ensure that you have a reservation and are not disappointed. You can make a booking via our booking system on our website, or personally over the phone during business hours. All Cat Lounge bookings are pre-paid.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I bring my cat?

Unfortunately, no. All the cats that are in the café are rescue resident cats specifically chosen for their temperaments and to be a apart of the cat lounge environment. All their vet work is up to date (sterilized, disease free, vaccinated & microchipped) to ensure our patrons experience is a positive one and that the high standard of the health of our cats is not compromised.

Can we adopt cats/kittens at the cat café?

At the moment we are settling in the cats/kittens that have been chosen for the café. In the future we may consider an expression of interest for one of our resident cats for a special owner. In such a case, you would apply and our cat co-ordinator will be in touch with you to discuss the adoption process.

Where do the cats/kittens sleep at night?

There is a “cat prep area” behind the “cat lounge” that has been specifically set up for the care of our cats/kittens and a dedicated place for them to sleep and take time out. This is strictly for staff only.

Which vet do we use?

We are proud to be affiliated with Dr Liam Brown, Vet Connection, East Fremantle.

If you have any concerns over your cats (dogs) or other pets and would like expert advice please call him or his team on (08) 9339 7000 and is located at: 23 May Street, East Fremantle, WA, 6158.

Can I purchase a cat lounge pass/ticket on the phone?

Yes, you can. Contact Cat Whispurr on (08) 9335 2938 and one of our friendly staff can book this for you. Please ensure you have your credit/debit card details ready for payment. No tickets will be booked without payment received.

Can I purchase a cat lounge pass/ticket if I walk into Cat Whispurr?

Yes, you can, but it is strongly advised that all cat lounge bookings are made online to avoid disappointment, especially if travelling from afar. If you are not on the internet or are not sure about the online booking system (not sure how you may be reading this, but) you are welcome to call us.

We cannot guarantee walk-in bookings will be available at the required time-slots.

No Shows/Cancellations

For any sessions including parties that have been made online and cannot be attended, a refund will not be given unless there are extraordinary circumstances (to be determined at the discretion of the Owner) and a 48-hour notice in writing is received by email.

Age restriction

No children under the age of 4  (including babies) are permitted into the cat lounge (unless by Owners discretion). This is for their own protection, knowing that young children can often be erratic and unpredictable around animals. We are happy to discuss individual circumstances.

All children under the age of 12 years are to be accompanied and supervised in the cat lounge by an adult at all times, both the child (children) and the adult require a paid booking to enter.

Children birthday parties:
3 children to 1 adult – 11 years and under
2 children to 1 adult – 8 years and under

Is their wheelchair access?

Yes. The premises is an old original Fremantle building, which has been built on a sloping road. So it had problems with differences in levels. We have done our best to modify an entry landing and ramp and have provided a new accessible toilet.